How to Find Winning Print on Demand Designs

Working out how to find winning print on demand designs is half the battle to creating a successful modern product based business. You can have a show-stopper of a website, with the best suppliers and customer service to rival Amazon, but if you don’t have designs that can stand out in a crowded market, your days are numbered. But you’re not alone.

Finding print-on-demand designs that will sell well is a challenge that many print on demand businesses face, but it doesn’t have to be. So, why leave things to chance; learn more about finding winning print-on-demand designs with our below proven print on demand tools and tricks of the trade.

What is Print on Demand?

Print-on-demand (or POD) is an order fulfilment method where items are created after is made and paid for. More often than not, designs are created using third-party tools, imposed on mock-ups and then loaded onto an e-commerce store such as Shopify. When a customer buys one of the products, the order is then fulfilled by a third-party supplier, who print the chosen design onto the product and send directly to the customer. Voila. A business.

As this technique comprises producing goods only after they are ordered and paid for, it’s renowned for indirectly decreasing waste and saving expenses.

Tips to Find Winning Print on Demand Designs

Finding winning print-on-demand designs is crucial for the success of your business and will play a prominent role in the overall demand and profitability of your products. Fortunately, though this goal might seem like an almost impossible challenge, there are several great steps you can implement to find effective designs that will sell easily and well.

1. Use Social Media 

If you’re looking for designs that are going to go viral, where else to look, but to the source of vitality itself. Social media offers a wealth of opportunity for effective research in the print on demand space. Indeed, the rise of social media platforms has offered businesses of all types – including print-on-demand businesses – the opportunity to reach customers directly and learn more about preferences and the like.

As such, a little social media research can be a highly valuable place to begin your search for winning print-on-demand designs. By engaging with your customers on social media, you can gather data and information about the type of content that your customers want, as well as the designs that customers prefer to engage with. Hit the explore page on Twitter, and at any one time you’ll be presented with what’s trending across the world. If it’s trending on social media, there’s a potential market for it. Similarly, what’s starting to gain traction on TikTok now, will most likely be popular within the mainstream in 8 weeks time.

Not only does social media allow your business to understand more about the type of designs that your customers prefer, but it’s also a highly effective solution to market your products. As such, once you’ve found a great print-on-demand design, we highly recommend that you promote the new product on an official social media page to get the best results overall.

If you’re not sure how to come up with a great design that will appeal to a wide range of target customers, look out for trends and events that you could focus on. Indeed, though these may have a shorter lifespan in terms of their appeal, they’re an easy option to target, potentially leading to superior sales results overall. With a business model that does not rely on shifting stock held in the garage, POD is the perfect model to use to exploit these trends with a short shelf life.

We only need to look to the ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ case study to see how quickly a trend driven design can gather momentum. Similarly, those who moved quickly during the Trump campaign with designs either in support, or against, the former president capitalised on an overwhelming demand for products that allowed individuals to share their views loudly.

3. Target Specific Niches and Fandoms 

Along a similar line to the previous point, popular niches and fandoms can be a good way to start if you’re unsure what to base your designs on. 

Fandoms, in particular, tend to have a well-established community, which makes marketing products to these individuals easier. Moreover, fandom members will often share their favorite designs, giving your business free word-of-mouth marketing which may also increase sales potential.

Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

Print-on-demand designs offer numerous great opportunities for businesses – however, it’s crucial that you’ve made the right design choices. With this in mind, considering some of the common design mistakes may help you come up with more effective solutions for your products.

  • Simple is often better for print-on-demand products; be careful not to include too many colors or patterns within the design, as this can often reduce the appeal.
  • Be careful to ensure you’ve considered how the design will look once it’s printed on your product. Your designs should always fit within the panel provided; you don’t want a design spilling over onto cup handles or shirt sleeves, after all.
  • Always ensure that printing is finished to high quality; indeed, few things are more disappointing for a customer than receiving their order, only to find that the design they fell in love with is blurry.

Where to Find Winning Print on Demand Designs 

Not sure where to find great designs? There are numerous different places where you can source excellent print-on-demand graphics. With that being said, we highly recommend freelancing sites such as Fiverr or, which have a large community of professional graphic designers. Alternatively, professional graphic design sites such as Deviantart may also be a good place to connect with expert artists and designers. If you are new to the world of print on demand, more often than not it makes more sense to utilise already established libraries of existing designs and customise on the smaller scale. Creative Fabrica and Creative Market offer these with a low barrier cost to entry.

Similarly, Profit Kite PNG’s allow you to purchase artwork ready files of well known and recognisable characters, public figures and memes, to allow you to capitalise on any current trends, without breaking the bank hiring designers.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, getting the design right for your print-on-demand products is critical and will largely influence the overall demand for your services. So, why leave things to chance; make the right choices for your business, and give today’s tips a try to find the most effective print-on-demand solutions.

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