How To Find Winning Products on TikTok

When it comes to your business, one of the most critical things to consider is how to find winning products that will sell well. With this in mind, there are numerous destinations you could consider to search for the best products possible – and one such option is to begin your search for winning products on TikTok! 

Indeed, in the last few years, in particular, TikTok has rapidly grown to become a leading hub for young people and socializing – and, as a seller of premium-quality products, this offers a unique opportunity to find the most effective products and designs that will sell well in your own eCommerce store. As such, today, we’ve outlined a few key tips you need to know about how to find winning products on TikTok; hopefully, this will help you make the most of your store’s product selection overall.

How to Find Winning Products on TikTok

Have you been wondering how to find winning products on a platform such as TikTok? If so, then there are numerous factors you could consider. The TikTok platform offers an excellent destination for marketers and eCommerce store owners looking to invest in the right product selection. Fortunately, we’ve summarized the four key steps you should follow to find winning products on TikTok; hopefully, this will help you optimize your store’s product selection and drive superior sales as a result!

Before anything else, we highly recommend you start with the basics of finding winning products on TikTok; keep an eye on trending videos and featured content to see if any feature products you could potentially sell in your store. 

Indeed, these videos are often going to be the ones that have the greatest reach – in turn, driving greater conversions potentially for your business. As such, if you’ve been looking for products that will sell well, starting your search with the trending and features sections is a sure route to success.

2. Search for Content in Your Niche 

Once you’ve browsed the trending and featured content on TikTok, you can then begin looking for products that relate to your business more specifically. For example, if you typically sell gifts, you could search for similar product categories on TikTok to see what people are currently enjoying! Alternatively, if you sell a wide range of products, simply searching for “hot products” or the like may also help bring up valuable content!

In turn, this can help you find products that your customers will enjoy and which may be more valuable to them overall. Moreover, this method is incredibly simple, and it’s an easy way to get a clear overview of what your target market is currently looking for.

3. Don’t Disregard Negative Content!

When it comes to finding out what customers want, it’s all too easy to focus on just the positives. However, to truly find winning products on TikTok, it’s also helpful to know which products aren’t so popular. 

This simple step will help you avoid stocking less popular products in your eCommerce store. Instead, by considering negative reviews, you’ll be able to focus solely on winning products that will help boost conversions and reputation for your business. In addition, this may help you learn from the mistakes of other products and ensure your store doesn’t make these same slip-ups.

4. Use the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt Hashtag

As a final tip, if you’re looking to find winning products on TikTok, we highly recommend you make full use of the #TikTok made me buy it a hashtag. Indeed, this hashtag is exactly what it sounds like – someone saw the product on TikTok and was compelled to purchase it!

Of course, if one person was inspired to purchase content they saw on TikTok, they likely won’t be alone. What’s more, this represents a cascading wheel of opportunity for eCommerce store owners, too. Moreover, when they share a product they recently purchased due to TikTok content (regardless of which platform they share it on), they’ll likely inspire some of their followers and fans to make a purchase – and so, a trend can rapidly develop for a single product.

As such, looking out for products accompanied by these hashtags – particularly if they appear multiple times – may be an excellent way to bolster your market research efforts. What’s more, this only takes minutes to complete and can offer incredibly lucrative returns for your business potentially overall.

The Bottom Line

Finding winning products on TikTok doesn’t need to be impossible – and, fortunately, we’ve summarized several key tips today to help you with this goal. Indeed, if you ask us, finding winning products is made easy by using social media apps and sites such as TikTok. 

Therefore, spending a few minutes every few days or every week may be a simple yet undeniably effective strategy to find out what’s performing well at the moment. In turn, this may help you work out how make the most of these trends for your eCommerce store.

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