How to Sell Print on Demand Children’s Books on Amazon

Have you ever thought about publishing children’s books? In the past, publishing a book was fraught with risks, and there was no guarantee you would break even on the cost of ordering copies and sending them out. However, the rise of print on demand children’s book publishing means it’s easier than ever before to publish a book online!

Writing and publishing children’s books can offer an excellent opportunity that’s both lucrative and enjoyable. However, in all too many cases, people are put off from making the most of this opportunity for one simple reason: they’re scared to invest in hundreds of copies of books that may not sell.

Now, this would have been a very real and fair concern in times gone by. However, the rise of print on demand services has turned this notion on its head! We’ll be looking at how you can take advantage of the opportunities presented by print on demand services to publish your very own children’s book on Amazon.

How Print on Demand Has Changed the Publishing World 

In the past, publishing a book was fraught with risks, and there was no guarantee you would break even on the cost of ordering copies and sending them out. However, the rise of print on demand children’s book publishing services has undeniably changed this for the better – and now, it’s easier than ever before to publish a book online!

The Benefits of Print on Demand for Children’s Book Publishing

With print on demand book publishing, you don’t have to order hundreds, if not thousands, of copies of your book in advance (which could, in some cases, end up sitting and gathering dust in the corner of your room until you manage to arrange marketing for the book). Unlike traditional publishing you can pay for an individual book to be printed, as and when you need it, and have the book mailed directly to your customer. 

So, what benefits does this offer for aspiring and established book publishers alike? Well, print-on-demand publishing is undeniably a valuable solution, and it can offer excellent opportunities for publishers, including:

  • The ability to print exactly the number of copies you need, so you don’t have to worry about under or over-ordering copies after publishing your book
  • No requirements to dedicate storage space in your property to keep the ordered books safe, dry, clean, and ready for shipping
  • Easy management solutions – the print-on-demand team handles most of the heavy lifting on your behalf, so all you need to do is forward orders and wait for the book to be delivered!

How to Print Children’s Books on Demand on Amazon

We’ve outlined three of the most pivotal and influential benefits of print-on-demand book publishing services. As such, it could absolutely offer a valuable opportunity to consider for your own publishing efforts – but how can you go about printing children’s books on demand on Amazon? 

Fortunately, printing children’s books on demand on Amazon doesn’t need to be a major challenge; with this in mind, we’ve clarified some of the key steps to print books on demand for sale through Amazon as follows.

1. Write your book

Naturally, before you can look at selling children’s story books through Amazon, you’ll need to start by coming up with a valuable premise and story. Engaging, ideally personalised and modern enough to appeal to the parents of 2022. As part of this, bright, colourful imagery is vital to keep young readers engaged throughout; if art isn’t your forte, there are numerous services to find winning artwork. Fiverr offers access to some great (and not so great) artists to bring your ideas to life.

2. Choose a Print on Demand Service 

At this point, you’ll want to choose a print-on-demand publishing service. As part of this, if you intend to sell your book exclusively through Amazon, we highly recommend you choose the KDP Print tool, which offers no set-up fees, affordable pricing structures, good-quality print, and direct to Amazon distribution.

3. Create an Account with KDP Print

If you choose to use the KDP Print tool, you’ll first want to create an account with KDP Print, following which point you’ll be able to enter the book details for your book by heading to your bookshelf and selecting the + icon to enter details of a new title. Once you have done so, you’ll then be able to upload and preview your book, as well as setting prices, rights, and the like. It’s worth noting that you will need an ISBN before you can publish a book on the tool.

We highly recommend you take a little time to understand how the pricing structures work for print-on-demand services to ensure you’ve chosen a fair price for the amount of work you’ve put into your children’s book!

4. Publish Your New Book 

So, you’ve set everything up on the KDP Print platform. All that’s left to do is order a few proof copies (to see how the book will look once it arrives with your customers) and then submit your book for publication once you’re happy that everything looks the way you had hoped. It’s really that easy.

5. Promote Your Children’s Book!

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve published your children’s book on Amazon; instead, you’ll still need to dedicate time to promoting your children’s book and ensuring it reaches the target audience. There are numerous great ways to go about this, such as advertising your book through social media and relying on word of mouth, offering free book giveaways, and the like.

Alternatively, as a perk of publishing through KDP Print, you’ll also be able to make use of Amazon’s inbuilt promotional solutions, such as the “similar searches purchased” function. This can help promote your new children’s book to a wider audience, ensuring as many children as possible have the chance to enjoy your story.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for the most effective solutions for publishing your own children’s book, print-on-demand services could offer a very valuable opportunity! Indeed, print-on-demand publishing has rapidly become a popular solution, negating a lot of the traditional risk associated with publishing a book and ordering copies to store. 

As such, if you have an idea and an ability to write for younger audiences, print-on-demand publishing may offer just the solution you need. Why leave things to chance; discover more about the benefits of print-on-demand with help from our team today!

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