The Complete Guide to Print on Demand Valentines Day Products

print on demand valentines day products

Despite the economic challenges faced across the world, Valentines Day spending in 2021 reached all time highs, offering a promising outlook for the oncoming 2022 occasion. With $27.4bn expected to be spent, the market is there. For those operating in online e-commerce, print on demand valentines day products promise lucrative returns for those who get the products right.

But what makes a winning print on demand valentines day product? In short – personalised, far from cookie cutter and can’t be bought on Amazon Prime. You’re welcome. We’ve collated a collection of products below that have been winners in the past, and that we anticipate will be print on demand valentines day winners in 2022. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

What is Print on Demand?

Print-on-demand (or POD) is an order fulfilment method where items are created after an order is placed. Having gathered momentum during the pandemic, the business model often sees designs created using third-party tools, imposed on mock-ups and then loaded onto an e-commerce store. When a customer buys one of the products, the order is fulfilled by a third-party, who print the chosen design onto the product and send directly to the customer.

As this technique produces goods only after they are ordered and paid for, it’s known for decreasing waste and saving expenses. This is key as valentines day products by nature are time sensitive. Could print on demand valentines day products be the answer?

Why Print on Demand for Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is a lucrative holiday growing year on year. No longer is the day limited to a bouquet of flowers for your partner in life. Palentines, galentines, buy your dog-a-gift-tines are now widespread. 15% of Americans now buy themselves a gift for Valentines Day – the numbers are ludicrous, but perfect for entrepreneurs primed to serve them.

Valentines offers a unique occasion to appeal to sentiment and memories that are otherwise hard to sell throughout the year. Gifts are time sensitive and often personalised, and are therefore unrealistic for normal brick and mortar stores. Print on demand offers the flexibility to offer time sensitive gifts personalised to each individual, allowing you to market truly unique products that hit the right notes.

Successful print on demand Valentines Day gifts each have the winning formula: personalised, generates an emotive response and can’t be bought on Amazon Prime. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our winning print on demand valentines day products for 2022.

Winning Print on Demand Valentines Day Products

Greetings Cards (the fun kind)

$1.3 billion is spent on greetings cards every year, with almost every person who gives a gift giving a card too. The market is immense, and competition is high, but with a card that generates an emotive response and resonates with a potential buyer, the sale is an easy one to make. Emotive responses don’t necessarily need to be ones of love – cards that make people laugh are more popular than ever, specifically those too risqué to be found in the local Walmart.

Explore personalised, dirty, or with well known figures that generate a reaction. We’re talking Trump (or Spiderman). These designs can be created easily using ready made PNG’s or using designers from Fiverr.

Suppliers: Printful, Printify, Prodigi (🇬🇧)

Spotify Play Prints

You may have seen the Spotify Glass products that gathered momentum in 2021 – while a crowded market, music as gifting remains untapped as Spotify continues to grow. From first dance songs, to songs that remind us of better times, or songs that remind us of a person who’s no longer with us – music has a way of speaking to customers in a way that words never could.

Spotify albums are an easily accessible way to get started with print on demand valentines day gifts – simply set up a template using Photoshop or download a ready made template, and edit as your orders come through. Most popular print on demand suppliers offer prints as standard, so there is little to no time to be spent on researching the best option.

Suppliers: Printful, Printify, Prodigi (🇬🇧)

print on demand valentines day product ideas
@weeframes on Etsy has capitalised on personalised Spotify prints with custom images

Jewellery That Matters

ShineOn is widely considered to be one of the most popular print on demand jewellery manufacturers available, and offers beautiful products that are easily customised to hit the sweet spot this Valentines Day.

Below you can get the jist for the kinds of products they offer – easily personalised with letters, which perfectly represent children. In a saturated market, what will stand out is personalisation. Why stop at the jewellery itself? Why not customise the backing card to include the sky on a special night, or allow them to include a special image that is incorporated into the box. Personalisation is key.

print on demand valentines day

Suppliers: ShineOn

Maps of the Sky

In a similar vain as the Spotify Plaque templates, places matter to people. On Valentines Day, people want to gift presents that matter. What better way to show someone how much you love them than with a nod to a place that’s important to the relationship? Enter, Sky Maps.

By using online generators, you can easily create a map of the sky of a specific place on a certain date. This is an extremely saturated market, however it is one that is easy to break into if you can take the idea and expand further on it. Can you incorporate the sky map into a new product? Kill branding, add in a star?

print on demand valentines day gift
@JLCDesignCompany has nailed the personalised print on demand posters dow

Custom Pet Portraits

In 2021, 27% of consumers bought Valentine’s gifts for their pets, a 17% leap from 2010. Let me re-iterate that. Last year, nearly 30% of consumers bought valentines day products for their pets. Their pets. Valentines Day is a lucrative market, and apparently not just for humans. With consumers already primed to spend more on their children or their dogs, it’s an easy field to capitalise on with the right product.

There are two distinct ways to go down the route of pet portraits through print on demand.

  1. 🐶 Realistic Pet Portraits The first, being custom portraits drawn of a submitted pet. Often done in costume, or posed as a specific character, these go down a treat and can be charged at a premium. In order to charge these premiums, it’s important the drawings are actually illustrated, rather than digitised using a Photoshop action. Fiverr is an easy marketplace to find upcoming illustrators from across the globe, often charging extremely low prices for projects like this. Find a winning designer, create a relationship and you’re on to a winner.
Paw and Glory have created a successful print on demand business model using pet portraits.

2. 🐩 Pet and Owner Images While custom pet portraits are an extremely profitable niche, the idea isn’t very passive, and requires using a designer if you do not have the skills yourself. This ultimately can mean potential prolonged periods of wait time, and your business will hinge on the freelancers you find to work with. An easy way around this, whilst still working within the pet portrait niche, is using pre-made pet templates. Found on most PNG database sites such as Creative Market or Creative Fabrica – portrait generators are everywhere. With a simple Photoshop description, you can easily change the dog breed, colouring, add accessories and customise the owners to look exactly like any image you’re given. Voila. ‘Custom‘ portrait, for an initial $34 dollar outlay. Pop on a mug and you’re onto a winner for those with cat moms in their lives this Valentines Day.

The Bottom Line

Valentines Day is a lucrative holiday growing year on year. It offers a unique occasion to appeal to sentiment and memories that are otherwise hard to sell throughout the year. Gifts are time sensitive and often personalised, hence print on demand valentines day gifts offer lucrative returns. With a little bit of creativity and effort, any one of the approaches above could be your winner.

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